What is the Difference Between a 6v and 12v Ride on Car?

The most common question we get asked is, ‘what’s the difference between a 6v and a 12v electric car’?

Let’s start with the basics. What does the ‘V’ mean? ‘V’ stands for volts – a measure of electrical power. So a 12v car will be more powerful than a 6v car.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Well a 6v car has the lowest power and is suitable for indoor use. It is unlikely to be powerful enough to cope with outdoor terrain such as mud or uneven surfaces.

A 12v car is more powerful and much better outdoors and on slopes. It may still require a level surface for best performance. Cars with even higher voltages will be faster and more capable when faced with rough terrain.

Which should I choose?

As a very general guide:

  • Kids ages 1-3 consider a 6v car. (indoor and outdoor use)
  • Kids ages 3-6 consider a 12v car. (outdoor use)
  • Kids ages over 6 consider a 24v or 36V car. (outdoor use)

How long does it take to charge a kids electric car?

The time it takes to charge a kids electric car battery will depend upon the voltage. For a 6v car, with a new battery, the very first charge will take 10 hours. Subsequent regular charges will take 6 hours. For a 12v car, the first charge will be 18 hours, and subsequent charges will take 12 hours.

24v batteries are more efficient than their smaller siblings, and will take 18 hours for both a first charge and regular charges.

  • 6v Electric Cars – First charge 10 hours. Normal charge 6 hours.
  • 12v Electric Cars – First charge 18hours. Normal charge 12 hours.
  • 24v Electric Cars – First charge 18 hours. Normal charge 18 hours.

Will my car come assembled?

The majority of kids electric cars will arrive part assembled. Don’t worry, they really are very easy to put together and you won’t have to be a skilled mechanic!

A few parts such as wheels, windscreens and spoilers, which can’t be attached during packaging, will need to be connected.

Assembly should take you less than 20 minutes and requires following a few simple steps. All you’re likely to need is some basic tools such as a screwdriver. In most cases everything you need will be included inside the box your car arrives in.

Remember that the battery will need to be charged before use. If the electric car is a gift then you may want to charge the battery before wrapping it up!

Replacing a battery?

It is important to always use the correct battery with your car. If you used a 6v battery on a 12v car it will be underpowered, move slowly or it may not even function at all. Install a 12v battery on a 6v car and you risk causing damage to the motor because of too much power!

How long will a fully charged battery last for?

This is dependent on the battery capacity of the kids electric car and the power usage. Drive up slopes, on rough terrain, or at a high speed and the battery will drain much quicker.

As a guide:

  • 6v Electric Cars – 45-60 minutes continuous use
  • 12v Electric Cars – 2-4 hours continuous use.
  • 24v Electric Car – 2-4 hours continuous use